"After suffering for many years with a multitude of chronic conditions and getting very little help from medical doctors, I knew that something had to change.  A coworker of mine gave me Kim’s information, and, after reading about her background and how similar it was to what I was going through, I decided to schedule a free consultation with her.  Today, I am so thankful that I made that decision.  When I started working with Kim, I thought that maybe she could teach me how to eat right, and, hopefully, it would make a difference in my health.  Now, 5 months later, I can honestly say that I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life.  To say that she only changed my diet would be a huge understatement.  She has completely transformed my life into something I didn’t even know was possible before I started this journey.  Her approach was perfect.  She started slow and was never judgmental.  The amount of information she passed onto me has been priceless, and it has pushed me to continue researching even further on my own.  Now that I am free from the health worries that used to hold me back, I can focus on my new endeavors, and I will always be extremely grateful to Kim for giving me that opportunity." - Sharon Fritz


"I've always considered myself a pretty healthy person (minus a couple of gaps throughout my life), but I run, practice yoga, eat healthy and by all textbook definitions including BMI, waist circumference, cholesterol, blood pressure and all those fun numbers, I am healthy.  


However, I just had a magical birthday. I turned 40 this past June and I can say that for the past two years my ability to 'bounce back' from overindulgent weekends has decreased dramatically. During this time, I packed on three lbs. which then became five, seven, until a month ago when I realized I was looking at a solid ten pound gain. But that wasn't the reason I went to Kim. I am capable of losing weight and getting things under control, I've done it before. What triggered my decision to enlist Kim's help was my overall sense of exhaustion, lack of sleep, my constant debilitating migraines, my skin! I was suddenly breaking out like crazy... and my digestion was all over the place.


I've known Kim for about a year and she's an incredible yoga instructor who has helped me deepen my practice and become more centered. So I figured, who better to guide me through this journey?

Today, as I write this, I am on day one post 30-Day cleanse and I am a new person. The FREEDOM I feel is hard to put into words. I have experimented with natural, amazing recipes to the point where meals out just don't cut it... they have to be out of this world for me to even consider them - let alone crave them (because I have ZERO cravings). I've felt full, nourished and satisfied the whole time, and I plan to make this the way I eat from now on (with occasional exceptions, of course, because wine).


What's even more amazing, I have not had headaches or any stomach issues during this past month. Today, I reintroduced oats into my diet and BAM! A migraine/asthma attack ensured. So what does that tell me? I've had the same wheezing/headache feeling in the morning for the past two years, and yes, I've been eating overnight oats for the past two years... had I not done this elimination program and had Kim's guidance on how to reintroduce things into my diet to pinpoint the culprits, who knows what would have happened? I would be using my inhaler and migraine meds every day... in auto pilot.


The mental clarity and focus that have come with this program cannot be overstated. I started a new insanely challenging job three months ago and I was wondering "can I handle this? I am so tired all the time!". Not anymore. And you might be wondering what happened to the scale... well, I did not touch it for a whole month until this morning. And sure enough, seven pounds are GONE. But the absolute best part of this journey is that as a result, my husband has transformed the way he eats as well! He is on board with me and we cannot wait for the next 40 years of our lives together. Bring it on, second half!

THANK YOU KIM, you're amazing and we're so blessed to have you in our lives!"


-Margarita Doan | Director of Global Healthcare Marketing & IT Distribution




"About two and a half months ago I made a decision that would change my life. I decided to work with Kim in the hopes of becoming healthier in both my body and my mind. Kim is not only full of information, but she is full of encouragement, motivation, and spirituality. The fact that I lost about 20 pounds (yes, in just two short months) is just an added bonus to my experience with Kim.
Throughout my life I have struggled with digestive issues and intolerances, but it wasn't always easy to distinguish which foods caused these issues. Kim has taught me the value of food as medicine for the body. The cleanse helped me to pinpoint the foods that my body does not tolerate well, and also helped me to try so many amazing new foods, which I now cannot live without.
Before working with Kim I did not know the first thing about cooking. Now, I absolutely love it. She has provided me with so many tools to help make cooking less scary for me, and I now can make healthy meals for myself and my boyfriend (yes, he loves them, too!). Kim has forever changed my life in so many ways. She holds no judgements, and I truly believe that she has helped me find myself throughout this journey. Not only has she guided me towards a healthier lifestyle through food, but she has helped me to find my spiritually, self-awareness, and self-esteem along the way. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone and everyone looking to change their lives in the most positive ways. Thank you again for everything, Kim, you're amazing!" - Samantha Martini




"With your program I have 12 pounds, sleep better (which was a HUGE problem in my life), have more energy, more clarity, more appreciation for my body and am now armed with the tools I need to sustain a healthy way of eating and living more mindfully. I never thought that I could make those kinds of changes - I didn't believe that I could. I have more energy and gained a healthy respect for my body and the connection between mind and body.

I loved the group setting and the support that came with it. You were extremely knowledgeable, never judgmental and always encouraging in a lovely gentle way.

This program changed my life in 30 days.

The information shared and the support from Kim and the group was invaluable.   I have transformed the way I look at food, and myself.   Joining the mind/body cleanse was the best gift I ever gave myself." - Lisa Davis


Kim Traverso transformed my life over the past six months. I had always had an uneasy relationship with food

dating back to childhood and experienced unhealthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight swings over the past 20 years. Since

working with Kim, I have lost over 40lbs in the last five months and have not regained it. She is the only true Holistic

Nutritionist who explained to me the benefits of mindful eating, food combinations, the dangers of a juice diet, and how to make

lasting changes in your life. Today, I am at my lowest weight since 1998, and my blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped over

100 points in a short period of time. My quality of life has never been higher and I am enjoying a sense of happiness and contentment

in my every day being. Do yourself your biggest favor: book your first complimentary appointment with Kim and change your life forever.

She will be with you every step of the way. - Anthony Coppola



“With your program I have lost weight, have more energy, no more mental fog, feel happier, and have lost my unhealthy cravings for sugar, carbs and coffee…and no more ambien!  You provided me with the knowledge and guidance I was seeking in a professional, yet nurturing way. You were always very easy to talk to, never judgmental, and always encouraging!I am now confident shopping in the produce section, not hesitant to try new healthy things, enjoy cooking and meal planning. I have shared my newfound knowledge with my family and encourage them to make healthy eating choices too.  I feel empowered with the knowledge I have gained working with you!” – Julie Durney


“I met Kim when she was my yoga teacher. After a session I was too tired to move; so I stayed to hear Kim talk about nutrition basics. I was fascinated at how much I didn’t know, and accepted her free consultation. I spent six months with Kim teaching me about what my body needed and why, with her helping me get healthy. Starting at how to shop and what to cook, I arrived at a healthy body along the way.
I lost weight, and my doctor was thrilled to find my cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels all at a normal range for the first time in years. I was able to eliminate my medication for depression and anxiety, and still get a great nights sleep. My long term asthma was re-classified from medium to mild, and I was able to break sugar, caffeine, and gluten addictions.
I have a stronger sense of happiness, health, and physical well being than I ever remember before. Kim’s guidance changed my life as well as my outlook. I would recommend her program without reservation.” – Peggy

“I discovered I am worth it and my body deserves to be taken care of.  I have completely quit my sugar addiction and now feel satisfied when I am done with a meal or healthy snack. I crave fruits/ vegetables rather than cookies and cookies and cookies I have much more energy, much less irritability, more confidence and am all around happier!  I would recommend your program to anyone because it’s for everyone.  No matter what your ultimate goal is, weight loss, healthier lifestyle etc.  It is not a gimmick or short term.  It’s in a comfortable setting, easy to understand and I continue to be motivated. I enjoyed and truly value this experience and it opened my eyes. I truly feel like you taught me I am worth it.” – Kim Coene


"I am so happy with the program. I have lost 16lbs. Feel great and have a new attitude on life and eating. I have lost weight before, but I have never done it feeling so good. I have not had cravings for sweets or carbs and I have not had crazy mood swings.  My heartburn is gone, I feel more energetic and mentally more clear and able to focus.

You are very knowledge about the women digestive system. Also, the way you present the subject matter and your kind and caring ways really make the whole program so user friendly." - Bonnie Zimmerman




” I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in the door a few months ago. I wanted to lose weight, start feeling better and improving my health. My wife and kids were pushing me. I had no balance in my life, I ate horribly and at the wrong times. Kim discussed with me my eating habits, pointed out a few simple things that could be done easily in order to get me going. She didn’t try and change everything at once, we did this with small steps.  I lost weight and I will continue to follow my new eating habits.  I have been given the tools to be successful. I see light at the end of the tunnel. This is a life choice, not a quick fix.  This has been a great program that gives one the tools in order to succed.  Kim is a genuine person determined to help one make changes and choices. She challenged me to take control of my destiny.”  – Kevin | Sales



“I love that you incorporated my mind, body and spirit together in helping me understand and learn that your mind and spirit play an important role in good eating.  I eat better, have smaller meals, and my mind is clearer. I have also learned to be more conscious in all aspects of my life, not just eating.  I have a better understanding of my mind and body.  I also have more energy and sleep sounder at night. 
Most importantly I finally was able to be in tune with my body and I can actually tell when I would eat something that felt like poison and upset my stomach and made my mind foggy.  I have also learned to slow down and think before I act on anything at all in my life. I believe I went through life doing, without thinking, everything out of routine. It is a great feeling to be conscious.  Thanks so much KIM.”  – Toni | Legal Assistant


“Initially I had hesitations about purchasing the 3 month program because I wasn’t sure whether or not this would be an effective way for me to begin altering my eating/life patterns.  I am thrilled to say after completing your program I have reached my goals and I now have more energy, which has also led me to increase my productivity at work. My skin feels/looks better and I no longer have stomach issues.  Your informative nutritional advice has compelled me to begin a yoga practice and to have a more balanced perspective on my overall health.  I no longer feel bloated and my skin has physically changed for the better.
I definitely will recommend your program to friends and family – there are things in life we may need a push to commit to and I believe our health is an area often overlooked.” - Beverly | Sales Advertising



"The support from Kim was incredible I usually don't have good will power but the support from the others and Kim was incredible! The food was great, all the recipes were easy to prepare and tasted delicious!

I lost 10lbs so far! I can't say enough about how great my joints feel – they are feeling 100% better!  I have chronic ankle pain for 10 years and it feel so much better. Also this may sound crazy but my mouth tastes better.

I'm also sleeping better, have clearer thoughts  and feel less impatient with myself and others.  My skin feels younger  and I have so much more energy.

I would totally recommend this program to everyone, and I do. I think that this is a wonderful way to maintain and live a healthy life. It's not hard, totally attainable. That is what is so wonderful for me. I will continue this as a way of life.

Kim is an incredible patient, spiritually grounded woman. I am privileged to have had her as my guide through this process." - Lisa Maleh





"I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Kim and the other ladies.  It has been extremely rewarding and really set me towards a path of wellness. I really can't say enough good things about it!

I've noticed that I have MUCH more energy, better confidence about myself and have been in better spirits since I changed my eating habits and focused more on being mindful. I've been less moody too, although I don't like to admit that I was ever moody :-) I do notice a change there.

I loved the group setting - Kim and all of the ladies are wonderful and I've learned something different from all of them. I don't know if it would have been the same experience without the group. Also, being together every week makes you accountable for your actions. I also loved the support, knowing that if I was having trouble with my eating or a bad day, I could go to the group for support and everyone was always there.

I definitely lost weight, I don't own a scale but people at work keep telling me that I look different! My clothes are bigger and my mind is clear. The clarity of mind is the most important to me - I feel fresh every day when I wake up and feel like I can accomplish so much during the day.

I would recommend this program 100%. 1. Because Kim is a phenomenal person, leader and extremely talented and smart about what she does 2. Because you owe it to yourself to feel GOOD!" - Jenna Vaccaro





"What I liked best about this program is You!! The way I feel and the changes in my life for the better. The facebook page provided much needed support and great recipes.

I have lost 6 pounds so far and enjoying the healthier and cleansing foods.  I feel more energized, less bloated. and sleep much better.

  Kim is a very thorough and caring person. She wants the best for her clients and goes out of her way to achieve that for us.  I recommended this program to people in my life. Kim has touched my life over the last 3 or so years and I am grateful.  She is one of my cherished friends." - Carol Tanchak





"Coming into this program I wasn't sure what to expect, I was pretty nervous actually. But after the first time I met the group I was instantly excited! The relationships formed between the 6 of us has been unreal. The encouragement everyday has been so empowering for me.  I've noticed less bloating, more energy, my hair and nails have been growing like crazy and my skin is glowing.

I'm not sure how much weight I've lost because I'm focusing more on how I feel rather than what number the scale says. And I feel awesome! I have so much energy and I just feel GOOD about myself. I truly am grateful for you Kim and that I decided to join this program! You are so great at what you do and you make a difference in the lives of everyone you touch! Thank you! :)"  - Brittany Santore









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