3 Ways to Strengthen and Supercharge your Intuition

When you have an important decision to make do you look to others for the answer?

We all have an inner-compass that is always guiding us.

The thing is.. we can allow fear to prevent us from following our intuition. Or we may look outside of ourselves for guidance...

Like being in that relationship you know deep down doesn’t feel right but you’re scared to end things because what if you’re making a big mistake?

Or your job that doesn’t fulfill you and leaves you feeling depleted. Your intuition is nudging you to take the leap of faith and start the business you’ve always dreamed about but you’re scared of the unknown.

I used to do this. I would stay in situations I knew deep down weren’t in alignment with my highest good out of fear. Or I would avoid the truth because I didn’t want to come to terms with what I was denying yet.

Sometimes our mind needs more time to accept what our heart always knows. And that's okay too.

Deep down you know the answer though. You know the truth by the way it feels…


Our intuition will never steer us wrong.

When we have the courage to follow our intuition, our intuition grows stronger and gets louder.

Our intuition is a mental muscle we can strengthen by trusting that nudge and following our gut-feeling especially when it doesn’t make sense.


Here are 3 ways to help strengthen and supercharge your intuition...

1. Breathwork

Breathwork gives us direct access to our intuition. When we breathe in a very conscious and continual way the mind begins to unhook.

We begin to relax the part of the brain called the "structured mind" that most of us are in majority of the time. It's the fear-based mind where we are disconnected from our body.

It's our inner-critic and the mind that thinks we're in control of everything (but we're not).

We create space with breathwork. We observe what is going on in the body without identifying with it.

When we can learn to clear the emotion in the system that is causing a lot of stagnation, tension and confusion then we can get down to what is clear and what is real...which is our intuition. ❤

2. Meditation + Mantras

Get quiet so you can listen to that inner knowing..

Most of us are always moving at warp-speed, distracted by our phone, emails, etc. When we get quiet and slow down we give ourselves space to hear the answers.

Deep down you know the answer you just have to get still and listen.

Pro-tip: Get into your meditation right after breathwork especially if meditation is usually challenging for you because your thoughts start running a mile a minute once you sit to meditate.

It doesn’t have to be long – even meditating 10 minutes a day is powerful. Practicing meditation will make it much easier for you to notice your intuition when it speaks to you through words, images, or emotions.

I love to silently repeat a mantra during my meditation to help me focus my energy toward what I want to manifest.


Here are some of my favorite mantras to strengthen and connect to my intuition:


I follow my intuition when making choices today.

I deepen my connection with spirit and allow myself to receive guidance.

I am an open channel to receive guidance and clarity.

My body is a powerful messenger for the divine and I listen to the signs and guidance I receive.

I open myself to seeing new possibilities that are in alignment with me.

I listen to my body and my feelings.

I am open to receiving divine guidance.

I am connected to my inner vision.

My intuitive self is guiding me.

I trust my feelings and insights.

My intuition grows stronger everyday.

3. Journaling

When you wake up in the morning, before you do ANYTHING, grab your journal and start writing! A powerful way to connect to your intuition is first thing in the morning when your mind is much more clear.

Whip out your journal and write in a stream of consciousness without worrying about grammar or spelling. Write down whatever comes to you. You can even write questions you’re seeking answers to and write the first thing that comes to mind.

Here are a few of my favorite questions from the spiritual text, “A Course In Miracles” that I ask almost every day. When I ask these questions I am always guided. ❤

Where would you have me go?

What would you have me do?

What would you have me say, and to whom?

I hope this inspires you to begin incorporating one or two practices from the list above! I can promise you that are always supported and when you practice intuitive living, it literally feels like you have a superpower.

Trust yourself. ❤

To staying connected and following your intuition ..

Sending lots of love xo


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