6 Ways to Ground your Energy

This is a year of true awakening.

Today I'm feeling the emotions that have been difficult to process these past several days (and weeks really) and it's been .. heavy. It's a lot easier to suppress these emotions we are feeling individually and collectively.

However, our own inner work is the best gift we can give to ourselves and our planet. It starts with us. Educating and empowering ourselves, acknowledging the pain and allowing ourselves to feel - this is how we heal ourselves and the planet.

"As more people do the personal inner work their will be a ripple effect of actionable change of how white supremacy is held out there. This work is therefore not just changing how things look but how things actually are from the inside out . One person, one family, one business, one community at a time." - Layla Saad

We are in the midst of a huge shift and I hope you are feeling this expansion and seeing the truth.

It's important to remember that during times of transformation, everyone's own personal journey is unique as we charter uncertain territory. Make sure to give yourself the time you need for processing before you take action with clear intention.

I also want to emphasize how important it is to stay connected to your body right now. Learning how to process emotions instead of allowing them to store in our body and cause stagnation + stuck energy is needed for us to have a clear vessel for transformation.

Today as I am processing my own emotions and spending time in nature with grounding work such as earthing, breathwork and meditation, I felt called to record a guided mediation for you. In this blog I also want to share ways to ground your energy if you are feeling unsettled and uncertain.

Many of us right now are feeling an imbalance in our root chakra.

A chakra is an energy vortex center in the body.

There are 7 main chakra centers in the body, called physical chakras and 4 transpersonal chakras, which are located in the energy field around the body.

When our chakras are in alignment, balanced & open we're able to live in flow and achieve our deepest desires.

Our root chakra (first chakra) is located at the perineum and is our foundation. Like the roots of a tree, it connects you to the Earth, drawing energies from the Earth to nourish and strengthen your body and energy field.

When we have anxiety around finances, uncertainty, loss of control, these are signs for us to focus on balancing the root chakra.

Signs of an imbalance in the root chakra:

> You may experience anger, annoyance and even aggression

> You may have rigid boundaries with others and it may be difficult to accept change

> Feeling unsettled and ungrounded

> Low vitality/energy

> Obesity/over weight

> Unable to manifest material abundance

> Aggression

> Feel sluggish, lazy, overtired

> Hoarding or greed

> Disconnected from physical body

> Anxiety

> Difficulty focusing

Signs of a balanced root chakra:

> Feel safe and secure in the world

> Satisfied with life

> Easily acknowledge and trust your basic needs will be met

> Prosperity and abundance are easy to manifest

> Able to let go without struggle

> Job/career satisfaction

> Good health

> Physically fit and strong

> Intestinal regularity

> Energized

> Feeling grounded and centered

6 Ways to bring the Root Chakra back into balance:

1. Find ways to reconnect with your body - all forms of physical activity (dance, yoga, walks, breathwork). Physical activity of any kind connects us to the root chakra. Any movement involving your feet and legs will be particularly helpful.

2. Spend time outdoors, connecting with nature- walking barefoot

outside for at least 5 minutes. Part of healing & balancing the root chakra is to connect directly to the earth. Find a time to go outside and walk around barefoot, dig your hands in the earth, plant seeds, garden....connect with the earth.

3. Use essential oils to shift your energy and bring back balance with geranium, vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, and sandalwood. I like to use the oil(s) I'm feeling most called to that particular day in my morning meditation and breathwork session.

4. Wear the color red and eat red foods such as beets, cherries, and strawberries.

5. Take an epsom salt bath while listening to grounding music.

6. Use grounding crystals like hematite, smokey quartz, or black tourmaline.


I am open to receiving abundance

I am safe and protected

I am secure and whole

I am provided for in all ways

I am supported

I trust in what I cannot see

Be mindful of your thoughts today and notice when you are in fear. When survival is threatened, this often triggers us into fear based thinking & lack thoughts...

Remember, we can choose again and redirect our thoughts back to love.

We receive back the energy we put out and as a result the outer world we

experience is often a reflection of what is happening inside us.

I recorded a guided meditation to support you in balancing the root chakra and promote harmony + ease in your mind and body.

Get your FREE guided meditation HERE

Sending lots of LOVE XOXO,


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