Morning rituals to design your day

Good morning! Yesterday I taught my virtual morning yoga class and before class started we were all chatting in the Zoom room about how beneficial having some type of morning routine or ritual is to begin your day, especially during quarantine. Personally for me, having my morning routine of breathwork, meditation, and journaling completely shifts how I feel and leaves me feeling empowered and ready to take on whatever comes my way. I'm very intentional about how I start my day because I know I'm setting the tone for how the rest of the day will unfold. As we were chatting about this, someone from class was in the midst of writing out her gratitude list. I shared a couple of other prompts to write out to begin the day that I also wanted to share with you. :) I encourage you to write these out in the morning - pen to paper .. it makes a difference!

3 questions to answer to help you design your day:

What are you grateful for? What we focus on e x p a n d s. When we focus on what we're grateful for we'll attract more things/experiences/people etc. to be grateful for. <3 How do you want to feel today? We have the power to CHOOSE how we want to feel and how we want our day to go. Remember energy always follows thought.. set your intention on how you would like to feel for the day and your energy will go toward what you want to create and how you want to feel. What is going well in your life? It's easy to focus on what's not going well. What we're not doing enough of. Let's shift our focus and bring our awareness to what's going well in our life and what we want to celebrate! After I shared these questions with my class we started our practice and toward the end, once everyone was in savasana, I received a text from my dad... I bought him Wayne Dyer's daily affirmation calendar and he sent me the affirmation for Wednesday....

I truly believe there are no coincidences.. He sent this at the perfect time! I wanted to share this with you in hopes it will inspire you to get out your journal and answer these prompts every morning or commit to a morning practice that works for you and see the difference it makes in your day and how you feel! <3

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