Self Lovin' with Bergamot

Step one. Love thyself <3

Over in my facebook group, The Intuitive Way, we have been dedicating this week to a whole lotta self-love.

It's a 5 day challenge to saying YES to yourself, to have more self-compassion, love, exploration and forgiveness. We can pick ourselves apart. Judge ourselves. Tell ourselves we're not good enough at XYZ. Compare ourselves to others. Beat ourselves up if we had too many Christmas cookies. etc. etc.

We have 60,000-80,0000 thoughts per day and can you guess how many of those thoughts are negative?! (hint: A LOT)

The very first day of this challenge I had my gals pick an affirmation that resonated with them from the list below and use it all week long when they catch themselves saying something negative or unloving towards themselves.

I'm going to give you this same exact assignment.

Be super mindful of your language. What we focus on expands.

You can choose your affirmation from the list below or make up your own but I want you write it out in your journal/notebook.

Write it down once, 50 times, 100 + times, however many times it will help you to start absorbing these words and belief into your consciousness.

I would recommend doing this morning and right before bed to help you communicate with your sub-conscious.

Say your affirmation to yourself throughout the day. Reframe a negative thought with your affirmation.

Affirmations: (some are from Louise Hay)

-I am loved and I am at peace. -My happy thoughts help create my healthy body. -I listen with love to my body’s messages. -I am beautiful, and everybody loves me. -I am healthy, whole, and complete. -I am at home in my body. -Wellness is the natural state of my body. I am in perfect health. -I am very thankful for all the love in my life. I find it everywhere. -Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself. -My body appreciates how I take care of it. -I enjoy the foods that are best for my body. -I am grateful for my healthy body. I love life. -Love flows through my body, healing all dis-ease. -I now live in limitless love, light, and joy. -It is now safe for me to release all of my childhood traumas and move into love. -I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am. -I love myself and life. -I choose to be kind to myself. -I am worthy of all things beautiful. -I love and approve of myself. -I am enough.

Be patient with yourself. Our self love journey can be challenging and the beliefs we've picked up or have held onto for months/years/decades about ourselves can take time to let go. The more self-compassionate we are toward ourselves, the more we can relax and gain access to our intuition and our own capacity to heal.

When you notice a negative thought, remember to come back to your affirmation you chose. Acknowledge the negative thought and then gently let it go by reframing that thought back to love.

A ritual I practice everyday that helps me anchor back to an affirmation or lift the vibes is my self-love spray with Bergamot being the main highlight in this blend. Bergamot is known as the oil of self-love and self-acceptance.

This spray supports me on the days when I need to feel more in the flow, let go of a limiting belief, raise the vibes, and feel gooood. I basically spray it several times a day whether it's before yoga, while I'm working, my bed, before I head out the door, meditation, etc.

When you use high-quality oils that are the purest in all the land, you will be loving your body up with compounds that lift your vibration. And when we can raise our frequency we become a magnet for what we want to attract in our life.

I only use doTERRA essential oils because I know they're safe and don't contain any synthetic fillers, fragrance, herbicides, fungicides, like 98% of other companies use.

Self-Love Blend:

In a blue glass bottle like the one you see in my picture combine

18 drops of bergamot

12 drops of wild orange (oil of ABUNDANCE)

12 drops of lavender (oil of communication)

8 drops of ylang ylang (oil for opening the heart chakra)

Once you've added your oils to the bottle, top off the rest with distilled water and Voila!

Bergamot supports you in need of self-acceptance and love. It has a cleansing effect on stagnant feeling and limiting belief systems. Bergamot's powerful cleansing properties generate movement in the energy system, which in turn brings hope. It reignites optimism and confidence in the Self, and teaches us to let go of self-judgment by learning to love yourself unconditionally.

Of course, this spray isn't going to magically make you love yourself as you spritz away. It's one of your self-love practices. It's a daily tool.

Use this spray when ever you feel out of sorts. When you forget your true nature and that you are pure L O V E. Recite your mantra as you spray this beautiful blend. This spray will be your anchor to come back to your affirmations. To lift the vibes, promote confidence, hope and optimism.

If you have any questions about these essential oils or ready to get started on your journey with 100% support from me click HERE.

To MASSIVE Self-Love,

Kim xo

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