Invest in Yourself

Recently I invested in hiring a business coach because I know that hiring a coach when you want to uplevel isn't a should, it's a must. This is something I've learned over the years but Tony Robbins reinforced it when I went to his conference this summer.

I set the intention of finding my ideal coach and when I found her, I knew I was ready to invest in myself and pay whatever the cost. This is because I trust her, she fully embodies her message + work, and speaks her truth. So even though the price was more than I've ever spent on trainings/courses/other coaches in the past, it didn't matter. The truth is, if you want something bad enough you will find the time/money/resources. You will find a way..if not, you'll find an excuse. I knew that if I made the investment it would be a signal to the universe saying, "OK, I'm all in. It's time to go bigger".

My energy literally shifted instantly after I committed and within a few days I signed on 2 new clients even before I had my first session with my coach. And this told me that my clients were ready to also go next level. So when you make the decision to invest in yourself, take action and show up, your energy shifts. You rise up. You attract what it is you want because you're a vibrational match for it. When you feel stuck or live in fear, you remain in that vibration. Where in your life are you ready to uplevel? Make it happen. Know you are worth it. It's time.

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