30. A year of shedding the old, transformation, and one of my biggest breakthroughs.

Ahhhh, 30. What a year. I remember being so reluctant to turn 30 and leave my 20’s behind and it ended up being my most favorite year yet. Not because it was filled with only joy and exciting experiences but because it was also filled with some of the biggest lessons and challenges for me.

It was a year of shedding the old, transformation and one of my biggest breakthroughs. A breakthrough is a moment in time where the impossible becomes possible. Maybe there’s something you know you should do. Your intuition keeps nudging you to make this change .. but you’re scared. Not just scared, you’re terrified about letting go of this one thing/person/job/belief. Does this resonate? This feeling I had was paralyzing. It was heavy and detrimental. But at the same time, I couldn’t let go of it because it brought me safety. And what I’m talking about is a relationship I was in for way too long. I don’t want to talk bad about this person because we learned so much about ourselves in this relationship. We had many good times but let’s just say it was hindering me from stepping into the woman I’m meant to be. For way too long, I didn’t listen to my intuition and I felt weak because of it. And you know what happens when you don’t listen to your intuition? Your intuition becomes suppressed. You have a harder time hearing it because you’re not following it. So instead of it getting louder and helping you navigate through life, it gets softer and quiet. Back to the breakthrough - I had a moment where the impossible became possible. I had a major shift. I knew that I couldn’t live to my highest potential and reach my dreams when energetically I was sucked dry. I felt inauthentic as I showed up to be a leader and share my message with my community. I was all about preaching the importance of letting go because I did it with my career when I started my own business, yet I felt like a fraud because I wasn’t doing it in this area of my life. I knew if anything, I had to do it for others so I can show them what’s possible and give them strength. So I prayed about it. I had no idea how I could end my relationship and I was scared shitless because it wasn’t like he did anything to hurt me to give me an excuse to. So I prayed and prayed and a few days later when the universe gave me a sign to do it, I listened and never looked back.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But once I did it I immediately felt the weight I was carrying starting to lift. I was so proud of myself. I never felt more alive. Things quickly came back into alignment for me. The blessings came pouring in. It’s no coincidence that my business grew exponentially after I let go of what wasn’t serving me. I reached a new leadership rank in doTERRA. But most of all I felt like myself again. My intuition grew STRONGER. I felt authentic. I was floating. It’s funny because right after ending my relationship I went to Sedona, AZ, one of the most magical places ever, and ended up climbing a mountain to get to one of the most epic views I’ve ever seen. I climbed this mountain by myself (something I’ve always been scared to do) and as the fear was creeping in as I was climbing up, I just kept going. When I finally reached the top and saw this view it literally brought tears to my eyes because it was so symbolic of what I just went through. I was looking out to this outrageously beautiful view, being surrounded by the energy vortex, and it was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude of how far I’ve come.

I was so content being by myself ,traveling my face off, and excited for the many possibilities to come. I was not focused on finding someone else or a rebound. I was focused on becoming the greatest version of me, next level self care, and being the best leader for my team. And doing what makes me happy. I woke up feeling blissed out every day.

So my last day being 30 I will get a 90 minute massage, a pedicure, eat really good food, drink a glass or 2 of pinot noir, and revel in all of the hard/beautiful lessons and the joy it’s brought me. I learned that when you let go and trust: a new + beautiful life can finally make it’s way in. To never settle for mediocre, anything. Listen to your intuition (a lesson I have learned over and over again but this time I got it). Everything you want is outside of your comfort zone (another lesson I’ve learned, again). Trust your intuition + follow it’s guidance on how to live, the right partner for you, how to build your business. Keep a far distance from people who leak your energy. You’ll know it when you feel you’re being drained in their presence (you become like the 5 people you hang out with most). Let go of anyone or anything that keeps you small and doesn’t make you come alive. But most of all I learned that I am so much stronger than I thought I was. That I’m always supported and the universe ALWAYS has my back. And that goes the same for you. To be continued….. Sending so much love, Kim xo

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