The Key Step to Manifesting

A few days ago I caught myself future tripping about a pretty big life decision I'm making.

Worrying if what I truly desire will work out? How will it work out? Worrying about the details.

Thankfully, these days it's easier and quicker for me to catch myself when I run this tape in my head.

The thing is..

worrying only attracts more of the same and prevents you (me) from attracting what we desire.

Instead imagine what you desire working out perfectly and FEEL the gratitude of your desired state as if it's already happened.

This is key.

Because you can say all the mantras you want but if you don't have the emotion behind it and believe that you can have it, it's going to be really hard to create what you want to see in your world.

The next morning after I picked up on this and reframed my thoughts + beliefs,

Fear ---> Faith, I decided to pull an angel card and it was Trustworthy Guidance....

I've never gotten this card before from this deck.

When I picked up my book to read further into the card it said,

"Don't worry about the details, as they'll take care of themselves as you go along" and "Go for it! You're safe to make changes and move forward".

I also asked the universe a while back, if this decision is right, to please show me a sign. The sign I asked for was a yellow bird. I never see yellow birds.

A month later I saw one at my moms house and then a couple of weeks later she mailed me the card above after she randomly received a bunch of blank yellow bird cards and envelopes!

The moral of this story is: The universe has your back!! And will always give you signs, you just have to ask. You are always supported. Listen to that voice inside, trust, have unwavering faith, and follow your intuition. Know that what you want is on its way * release any disbelief * have patience * and be SUPER grateful. Sending lots of love,

Kim xo

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