We are what we eat, drink, and put on our skin

This past weekend I stopped by my grandma's building to sit outside with her on the porch, which I try to do almost every week. When I got there she was with her friend I never met who lives there as well and we all started chatting.

Her friend was telling us what she likes to do to stay active: bowling, walking on the boardwalk, and playing bingo.

She was SO sharp and witty. You could tell she really loved life.

And then she told us she was 94.

I couldn't believe it! I honestly thought she was AT LEAST 10 years younger and I wish I had a picture to show you but I didn't want to be creepy and ask her if I could take one.

So then I asked, what's your secret to being 94 and living a long, happy, and healthy life?

She said in her European accent:

* Stay active. Walk every day

* Drink a green smoothie every morning and soup for dinner

* Stay away from meat

* Be nice to people and if they're not nice back, just say 'hello, goodbye'

* Don't eat too much or you'll get big belly

And I think my favorite one was, life is too short, travel the world and enjoy every single day.

Yes, we've all heard this advice, but it's always good to be reminded from time to time. Especially from a woman who is 94 and LOVING life!

On to my latest vlog....

This used to be a topic I would avoid because I felt overwhelmed by it.

Maybe you can relate?

The truth is...

We are what we eat, drink, and put on our skin. The average woman puts 515 chemicals on her body per day!

I used to feel overwhelmed by the fact that I knew there was a shit ton of chemicals in my products for my home and beauty routine but I didn't know where to begin and I felt like it was so much work. I thought that I already did so many things to nourish my body by what I ate, drank and with exercise.

"I was doing enough"

But did you know that these chemicals and toxins from many of our products are endocrine disrupters and promote hormonal imbalance, lead to obesity, weight loss resistance, diabetes and certain types of cancers?

I totally get if you feel overwhelmed by the whole process of reducing your toxic load but this video will show you it’s easy to get started and the first step to getting there.

You will learn the 4 products to start removing (you'll be shocked when you hear some of these! )

When I began the process of reducing my toxic load - I started slowly and I can’t tell you how empowering it is to know what you’re putting on your body, voting with your dollar, and making your own products.

For me it’s with doTERRA essential oils and I love the fact that with the oils - I’m also receiving the healing benefits too.

What helped you make the switch to the super natural side?

Peace, love + oils,


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