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This course is a journey dedicated in guiding you to uncover and release your blocks, step into your power, with massive self-love and create a life you're obsessed with!


Here's the thing...

Humans need to feel safety and love even if it's keeping them stuck in a pattern.  Like your job that you dread going to every morning as you drive to work.  You really crave being your own boss and creating a life of your own design but you keep it "safe" and don't take the chance into the unknown.  Or a relationship that you know deep down isn't serving you but you feel comfort with that person so you stay friends/ in that romantic relationship.  I get it because I've been there. 


Staying in your comfort zone doesn't get you to your DREAM life and to your ultimate vision.  I know it can be really scary but that's the whole point.  Everything you want is on the other side of fear and if any desired action/vision/next step/dream doesn't scare you on some level then it's probably not the right move.  Listen to your intuition, keep that blind faith, and know that when you take that leap you will be supported.  And believe me, when you finally let go of what no longer serves you, what lies ahead is way better than what you can dream up!

I'm living proof that through this course and what I teach you, you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams.  I've released my own blocks and fully stepped into these practices, principles, and lifestyle to attract abundance, work remotely doing what I absolutely love, moved to my dream location in Maui, met the love of my life, and am now living a life of my highest vision!  


Know that you can have ANYTHING you desire and you are worth it!!  

Are you ready for the journey?!

In week one we will do a complete inventory of your fears and what is keeping you stuck in the same patterns.  When you uncover your fears you will then be able to heal and transcend them.  You will learn powerful techniques to release your fears and this transformational practice will set the foundation for the rest of program.  Through this foundation you will then begin to design new thought patterns, create more abundance in every area of your life and become an energetic match for your deepest desires.

This week is all about tuning into your gut wisdom, self-love and reclaiming your power.  Self-love is the foundation for complete fulfillment in all areas of your life.  I will guide you through a powerful meditation and journaling exercise to discover where any stuck energy may be living in your body and old patterns and limiting beliefs from old programming so you can lovingly release it.  This work will allow you to uncover and release what's blocking you from having deeper love for yourself and stepping fully into your power.   

This week is all about getting crystal clear on your highest vision and your core desires.  I will take you through an exercise to get clear on your core desires and teach you the magic sauce of how to live out your highest vision.  When you have a vision and your WHY behind that vision is strong, you will become unstoppable.   You will learn how to become an energetic match for your deepest desires and learn rituals that will help you protect your energy and keep you in that high vibe state.  Everything is energy and when you're frequency is high you will be attracting all that you desire quickly and with ease.

This week is all about manifestation!  You will learn how to uncover the blocks of your power for attracting and the 5 key steps to manifesting what you desire.  I'm living proof that with these steps you can create a life beyond your wildest dreams.  I released my own blocks and fully stepped into these key steps to attract abundance, work remotely doing what I absolutely love, moved to my dream location in Maui, met the love of my life, and am now living a life of my highest vision.   

  • One live group coaching call

  • Private VIP Facebook group (priceless)

  • You own the course forever

  • Access to me for Q+A (priceless)

  • Weekly guided meditation + affirmations

Kim Traverso is a Spiritual + Business Coach, Holistic Healer, and Yoga Instructor.  


Her mission is to empower women to let go of their limiting ways + beliefs so they can step into the women they're meant to and live a life beyond their wildest dreams.  She's obsessed with helping others see things differently, look at life through a new lens, create miracles and manifest their dream life. 

She is a spiritual entrepreneur leading & mentoring other entrepreneurs and light workers.

She has over 8 years of experience working clients and individuals using holistic mind + body healing. Her modalities include essential oils, energy work, guided meditation & restorative yoga.

"Kim is extremely intuitive and has a unique ability to tune into her surroundings.  She is very calming and warm and because of this I was able to trust and connect with her on a deeper level to allow my transformation to begin.   Having that foundation of trust is needed.  Working with her, I've discovered my blocks and released what was getting in my way of becoming the best version of me.  I've had so many breakthroughs working with Kim and my life has flourished in a major way"!

Sirena Fredericks, Adolescense Social Worker

"Change is something that many of us fear because we are either afraid to break free from our old ways or to embrace the unknown of what it could bring. However, if we learn to follow our inner guide ~ then change is something we feel invigorated by. Working with Kim Traverso in releasing blocks and negativity has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential and tuning into my inner guide.  By letting go of the  fear of change, I have grown into a stronger person, letting my intuition light my way. Through Kim’s guidance  I have been able to increase clarity of my wants, needs, and desires. Compassionate about her clients, Kim guided me in every way! I am so grateful for her as she helped me release the one thing we all fear, change".

Maria Carvalho, Tax Associate

"Working with Kim has been an extraordinary experience.  She made me look into my innermost fears and identify roadblocks that have contributed to my current mental and physical state.  Since working with Kim my health conditions have improved and I have so much more energy. She empowers you to want to take control of you life in a genuine considerate manner without chastisement. Kim incorporates essential oils naturally into daily living to augment your mental health and wellbeing. Mind, body and soul as well as self-love are incorporated into every day living and my life has been enriched because of my interactions with Kim".

Alanna Schauer, Nurse Informacist

When does the program start?


Module one begins 11/27/17 at 8PM.

What if I don't have time to start the course now?


If you can 't make the calls live each module will be recorded.  This course is at your own pace, so you can start when you are ready. And because you own this content forever, you can go through the the course as many times as you would like. 

What can I expect from this course?


Support from me and others on the same path, love, guidance, inspiration, and the steps, tools + action plan to step into your full potential and create a life you're obsessed with!

Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes! You will find the payment options below.

How long is the program?

The program is 5 weeks long.

"Through Kim’s guidance and coaching, I have been able to increase clarity after a shift of changes, release thoughts that do not serve me anymore, and prepare/create daily success. Between her depth of knowledge and passion for creating a life people love, Kim helps you grow, learn more about yourself, and be in tune with your intuition"! 

Caroline Carvalho, Tax Associate

“Kim has been a guiding force in my life for the past year. She has helped me set my intentions and remain mindful. In doing so I have been able to visualize my journey toward my goals with a greater sense of joy and understanding for the process. I have learned that every level of heightened experience we face in life requires a better version of ourselves. So, we must open our eyes and really examine our strengths and resistances if we want to move toward those desired elevations. That is what she has taught me".


Nikole Sariotis, Thought Leader

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