A 5 week journey to RECLAIM your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, safety, trust, alignment, abundance and healing into your life. 

We begin February 2nd!

Let's get one thing straight though before we continue..

You are whole and worthy as you are.

You don't need fixing.  You are not broken. 

Your radiance is already deep within and not something outside of yourself to find.

It's time to reclaim what is already deep within you.

It's time to awaken your power and come home to who you already are.

Hello Beauty!

What if I told you that in the next 5 weeks you could learn the tools to tap into your power, bring you into alignment with what you desire and to feel safe in your body to attract, feel FREE, at ease and in love with who you are becoming.

That you could trust life and trust yourself.

Regulate your nervous system to feel safe in your body so you can let go of emotional trauma, trapped emotions, and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the same patterns.

Rise up into the alignment and power of who you have always been.

Its time.  You deserve it.  And the best part is - you will have support and community that will nurture this transformation and growth!

This is a 5 week journey to RECLAIM your innate worth and the power you hold to welcome more love, safety, trust, alignment, abundance and healing into your life with powerful practices like breathwork, embodiment, meditation, visualization, journaling, inner child healing, thought and belief re-patterning, community, and more.

This is a mindset, embodiment, and energetics course .

Is this you?

You've done a lot of mindset work but STILL feel stuck in the same patterns?

Push down emotions/numb out or feel overwhelmed and out-of-control with your emotions?

Do you struggle following your intuition and as a results you abandon yourself?

Do you want to embody deeper love for yourself?

Are you ready to feel safe, connected, ALIVE and at home in your body?

Are you ready to fall in love with who you are becoming and RECLAIM you power?

I know these feelings.. I’ve been there.

Knowing you can’t stay where you are,

but not sure how to get out of your own way

and step into expansion.

Let me share a bit of my story with you......    

I remember when I was in a place of living in

fear.  I woke up every day feeling like I was

just going through the motions. I didn’t feel

like myself.  I was living out of alignment

because I wasn’t trusting my intuition. 

I’ve always had a strong intuition but I was too

scared to listen and follow that voice within. 

I suppressed my emotions and as a result of this I was

unconsciously abandoning myself. I found myself settling in

relationships (romantically and with friendships).  
It wasn’t until I moved to Hawaii a few years ago for a brief time that completely turned my life upside down in the best possible way.

I remember after the honeymoon phase of me waking up in paradise every morning wore off..

I was forced to wake up every day and realize that this wasn't where I was supposed to be, even though I just moved thousands of miles away from my loved ones, shipped my car across the country and left everything I knew back home.  I was not in alignment with my truth and it took it's toll on me emotionally, mentally, and physically.

What I felt emotionally began to manifest physically with rashes that almost covered my entire body.  I hardly recognized myself when I looked in the mirror.  

As challenging and painful as that time in my life was, I now realize it was such a gift.  It was a way for the universe to wake me the f*ck up!
I ended up moving back home and dove into the unknown.  I began to heal.

I cleared out everything that wasn't serving me and made a ton of space to rebuild my career, my relationships, my home, and most importantly myself.
The first year was filled with expansion. Everything came up that needed to be cleared in order for me to step into my fullest potential.  Sometimes, it was super fun. Sometimes it was HARD AF.

Now three years out from making the leap, life is TOTALLY INSANELY DIFFERENT.
Big changes can happen in short periods of time with dedication, clearing, consistency, opening to receive, and EMBODIMENT.

When I discovered embodiment work my life completely changed.  I quantum leaped into a whole new reality.  I’ve always done a lot of mindset work but still felt stuck in certain areas of my life.  I wasn't seeing the changes for the amount of work I was doing.  This is because I wasn't including my body and nervous system.  We can only get so far with mindset and positive affirmations. 

Your body is the healer.  Not your mind.

If we have unresolved emotional trauma, a limiting belief(s) can have a stronghold on our process to expansion.  We need to feel safe in order to let go of the patterns, beliefs, people, things and behaviors that don't serve us.  We also need to feel safe in order to manifest and receive.  The easiest way to change our thoughts is through our body.  Transformation requires SAFETY. 

I teach this process.

The process through the body so you begin to let go of the patterns that keep you stuck.  So you can feel FREE, at ease and in love with who you are becoming.

The process where you know your power and cam make powerful changes for yourself.  You are your own healer.

The Sessions:

Week 1: Accessing Safety + Letting Go

In order to let go we need to feel safe first.  We don't let go because we don't feel safe so instead, we'll control, stay stuck and/or hold onto things longer than we need to.  We are so conditioned to cling to what is comfortable or familiar even if it's not serving us.   So your question isn't: "What do I need to let go of?"  It's "How can I find safety first, so that it allows me to let go?"  Get ready to FINALLY release the beliefs and blocks that have kept you stuck in the same patterns.

Week one, we will connect to that safety from within through embodiment work that you will practice throughout the entire course.  One thing we all desire is to feel safe in our body.  This is the foundation of the work that we will do together.

Week 2: Reclaim +Receive Your Power

This week is all about rituals and embodiment practices to feel confident and reclaim your power.  I will also guide you through a powerful meditation to connect to your higher Self so you can learn how to fully embody her energy and connect with her AND act AS IF you are her now - because you are! The  journaling practices alone that you will learn are priceless and will help you get into alignment every day + become the creator of your reality.

Week 3: inner child Healing -Part One

We are devoting 2 weeks to inner child healing because this work is so profound to ever-lasting healing and transformation.  Each of us has an inner child.  In this session, you will connect to your inner-child and begin to release emotional trauma and stuck emotions that you've been holding onto through breathwork - more info on breathwork HERE

There's many reasons to connect to your inner-child and begin this healing work.  Here's just a few:  Break cycles of patterns you're tired of, reclaim inner peace, no longer abandon yourself, attract healthy relationships, have the ability to cope with uncertainty, strengthen your self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence and trust in yourself and life.

Week 4: inner child Healing - Part Two

We will devote the second part of inner child healing to learning how to regulate your nervous system, forgiveness work, embodiment practices and tools to reparent yourself and no longer self-abandon. Reparenting is the act of learning how to meet your own needs as an adult.  You will learn how to reparent, set boundaries, show up for yourself and self-soothe when big emotions arise.  Powerful journaling prompts will also be included to take you deeper into this work.

Week 5: Feminine Embodiment Practice

When a woman is tapped into her power, she is a force of infinite energy and radiates that energy into the world.  This week is all about how to fully embody your feminine essence and liberate yourself.  These practices will help you to release stuck emotions, emotional trauma, and stagnant energy.  You will connect to the infinite power and unconditional love that resides within.  Though embodiment - you begin to feel more confident, open, loving, compassionate, authentic and magnetic.

You are so powerful - this week is dedicated to you reconnecting and fully embodying that power.  This week alone and the practices you learn will be life-altering. 


  • Private VIP Facebook group for support and connection in between sessions

  • You own this course forever AND you have access to future rounds of Reclaim!

  • Soulwork (The word homework is not aligning) to do in between sessions

  • Self-soothing guided meditation that I made for all of my 1:1 clients. This is a practice designed to help you learn how to self-soothe so you can learn how to come home to your body and learn how to feel safe in your body whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated or confronted with a big emotion. 

  • Access to me for Q+A in between sessions

  • Bonus guided meditations + embodiment practices & affirmations

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the program start?

Our first call begins: Tuesday, Februay 2nd at 5PM EST on ZOOM. 

Each call is roughly 90 minutes long.

2nd call: 5PM EST, Febuary 9th

3rd call: 5PM EST, Febuary 16th

4th call: 5PM EST, Febuary 23rd

5th call: 5PM EST, March 2nd

What if I can't make one of the calls?

If you can 't make one of the calls live that's totally fine because each module will be recorded.  

How long do I have access to the calls?

You will have access to this content forever!!  You can go through the the course as many times as you would like. :)

Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes! You will find the payment options below.

"Kim is extremely intuitive and has a unique ability to tune into her surroundings.  She is very calming and warm and because of this I was able to trust and connect with her on a deeper level to allow my transformation to begin.   Having that foundation of trust is needed. 

I did a lot of mindset work before I began working with Kim but I still felt stuck. Working with her, I've discovered that embodiment work and healing through the body was the missing link.  I was finally able to let go of the patterns and blocks that were keeping me stuck and getting in my way of receiving my power.  I feel so safe and at home in my body now - it's an incredible feeling! I've had so many breakthroughs working with Kim and I am forever grateful!

-Sirena Fredericks

"Thank you, Kim, for being my guide.

You have given me the tools and daily practices that have

allowed for a true transformation.

I’ve been able to process emotions that were buried deep.

I’ve created such safety that I can now see visions of things

I never knew I wanted, or actually needed.  Her program

provides the guidance and reinforcement needed to help

you claim your power.

I’ve found what you call ‘alignment’ and so much so that I’m actively creating my reality and

calling things in daily.  You will walk in the shadows but come out dancing!

Kim gives you tools that you can carry forward for all your days. In our time together,

I have had many realizations and visions, passed tests from the universe that I never

thought possible... old patterns broken and new practices adopted - aligning me with my higher self.

If you are looking to answer the call from within but aren’t sure exactly how or where to start,

I’d recommend a journey with Kim Traverso.  She is an amazing breathwork and embodiment coach who guides you to your own healing powers.  Working with Kim is one of the best gifts I have given myself. You should do the same because you are worth it. With gratitude..Thank you, More Please!" - Dria McCluskey

"Change is something that many of us fear because we are either afraid to break free from our old ways or to embrace the unknown of what it could bring. However, if we learn to follow our inner guide ~ then change is something we feel invigorated by. Working with Kim  in releasing blocks and negativity has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential and tuning into my inner guide. By letting go of the  fear of change, I have grown into a stronger person, letting my intuition light my way. Through Kim’s guidance  I have been able to have clarity of my wants, needs, and desires. Compassionate about her clients, Kim guided me in every way! I am so grateful for her as she helped me release the one thing we all fear, change".

-Maria Carvalho

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful, life altering experience. In such a short time, I already have been experiencing positive changes in my life. The manifestation really does work!! You have a magnetic personality that enhances the experience even more. You’re kindness, love, support and trust truly is empowering. It was such an honor and a privilege to have had this opportunity to work with you!"  -  Charlotte Harary

Are you ready to embody + expand?

Are you ready to

Reclaim your power?!

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