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My mission is to Empower you to let go of your limiting ways + beliefs so you can step into the best version of you and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.       It starts with healing your mind + body...

When we heal our mind and body, we look at life through a new lens.  We become empowered and unstoppable at reaching our highest potential.  We have more capacity to spread our love, deepen our creativity, let go of limiting beliefs and blocks, live life with intention, and co-create the life of our wildest dreams.


When we fuel ourselves with nourishing food that supports healing, form a strong spiritual practice, let go of limiting beliefs, take ownership of our thoughts on where we are currently and trust that we have the power to change, our lives transform.

It takes conscious awareness and practice to train the mind and pick up on negativity from past programming and write a new story.

It takes planning, effort, and consistency to eat high vibrational food and move your body in a way that supports your needs.


That's where I come in.


And believe me I've been there.

Are you ready to bring back the version of you that is happy, healthy, vibrant and feel AMAZING in your body?

To wake up excited to get dressed and start the day with clarity and vision?

Are you ready to co-create the life you deeply want and deserve?

I'm a transformational holistic health coach and work with women who are ready to step into the woman they are meant to be.   We can't always do it alone and we can't do it consistently eating and thinking in a way that doesn't serve us.


Stepping into our full potential requires us to have our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual power in alignment.


I'm here to show you the way .......

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How does the 3 Month Program work?

The first part of the program is designed for you to begin by healing the gut, optimizing digestion, and feeling energized and vibrant.  This is the foundation to your transformation.  

I will guide you on your whole foods based + nutrient dense 10 day gut re-vamp (don't worry, you can still eat chocolate and won't ever feel deprived)!

You will learn:

  • The 5 paradigms to have ultimate and long lasting success with this program

  • How to prepare for the food portion of the cleanse

The guided cleanse will include:

  • Meal plan

  • Easy to make + delicious seasonal recipes

  • Support between sessions through email

  • Therapeutic-grade essential oils

This cleanse is designed to reduce inflammation, release excess weight, toxins, mental fog, and feel abundant energy! Our gut is our second brain and restoring gut health is crucial to maintain physical and mental health.  When digestion is efficient our body can heal. 

Did you know that if our digestion is compromised, it will suck up most of our energy that can be used for other processes such as rebuilding collagen in the skin, cleansing our body, and growing our hair and nails?


We will cover ways ways to heal and restore the gut through a whole foods based diet and lifestyle practices.   You will learn the best tips and ways to maintain optimal digestion and free up your body's energy to make weight loss easy and look + feel your absolute best!

Not only will you gain vibrant energy that is sustainable and shed any excess weight, but you will also learn how to rev up your metabolism, get glowing skin, reduce mental fog, and sleep like a baby! 

You will learn foods that are compromising your gut health and are the main cause of bloating and weight gain. 

Second Part of the Program:  Busting through fears/blocks

In order to get what we want we have to be a vibrational match for it.

When your energy isn't in alignment with what you desire, the universe is getting mixed messages.

You might want and say "I'm ready for financial abundance" or "I"m ready to meet my soul mate" but if your belief and emotion is out of alignment then your sending mixed signals.

Our beliefs systems come from past programming, sub-conscious beliefs we picked up years ago, and from the world.

When we are willing to acknowledge our resistance, that's when true growth can begin.

Once we get clear on your vision we will then progress into busting through your blocks/fear/what's holding you back from your reaching highest potential.  Some of the work will be powerful exercises to go deeper into releasing old beliefs/fears/programming that are keeping you blocked from receiving what you want. 

Some of the practices will include: guided meditations, visualizations, journaling, tapping and more... (more info below)

The work doesn't stop there.  Once we pinpoint what the blocks and fears are , you will learn a powerful exercise to practice every day to lovingly release the fears and blocks + resistance and become a vibrational match for what you desire.

 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), otherwise known as Tapping, is a psychological acupressure exercise that supports your emotional health.  By tapping on specific energy meridians on your body, you can unblock ancient fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

When stimulated, your body’s energy meridians can trigger the amygdala (the “fight or flight” part of your brain) and signal it to calm down. When the amygdala gets the memo that it’s safe to relax, stress is immediately reduced.

Tapping is the divine combination of Chinese acupressure and neuroscience. 

 I will guide you through an introduction to Tapping.  You will also learn Gary Craig’s Personal Peace Procedure. The Personal Peace Procedure is one of the most powerful tools for clearing out old patterns, fears and limiting beliefs.

Live out your Highest Vision and Become a Powerful Attractor...

Now with all of the abundant + clear energy and releasing both physically and mentally, we can now direct it to what you want to create. 

The final portion of the program will be devoted to getting clear on what it is you want for your life and where to direct your energy.

Getting clear and being a vibrational match is KEY! 

You will learn how to connect to the state of Joy ---> the highest vibration. 

Joy is the ultimate vibration and when we are living in our joy we become a magnet for all that we desire.

In the energy and cultivation of joy - we are manifesting the life we want.  

"After suffering for many years with a multitude of chronic conditions and getting very little help from medical doctors, I knew that something had to change.  A coworker of mine gave me Kim’s information, and, after reading about her background and how similar it was to what I was going through, I decided to schedule a free consultation with her.  Today, I am so thankful that I made that decision.  When I started working with Kim, I thought that maybe she could teach me how to eat right, and, hopefully, it would make a difference in my health.  Now, 5 months later, I can honestly say that I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life.  To say that she only changed my diet would be a huge understatement.  She has completely transformed my life into something I didn’t even know was possible before I started this journey.  Her approach was perfect.  She started slow and was never judgmental.  The amount of information she passed onto me has been priceless, and it has pushed me to continue researching even further on my own.  Now that I am free from the health worries that used to hold me back, I can focus on my new endeavors, and I will always be extremely grateful to Kim for giving me that opportunity." - Sharon Fritz


"I've always considered myself a pretty healthy person (minus a couple of gaps throughout my life), but I run, practice yoga, eat healthy and by all textbook definitions including BMI, waist circumference, cholesterol, blood pressure and all those fun numbers, I am healthy.  


However, I just had a magical birthday. I turned 40 this past June and I can say that for the past two years my ability to 'bounce back' from overindulgent weekends has decreased dramatically. During this time, I packed on three lbs. which then became five, seven, until a month ago when I realized I was looking at a solid ten pound gain. But that wasn't the reason I went to Kim. I am capable of losing weight and getting things under control, I've done it before. What triggered my decision to enlist Kim's help was my overall sense of exhaustion, lack of sleep, my constant debilitating migraines, my skin! I was suddenly breaking out like crazy... and my digestion was all over the place.


I've known Kim for about a year and she's an incredible yoga instructor who has helped me deepen my practice and become more centered. So I figured, who better to guide me through this journey?

Today, as I write this, I am on day one post 30-Day cleanse and I am a new person. The FREEDOM I feel is hard to put into words. I have experimented with natural, amazing recipes to the point where meals out just don't cut it... they have to be out of this world for me to even consider them - let alone crave them (because I have ZERO cravings). I've felt full, nourished and satisfied the whole time, and I plan to make this the way I eat from now on (with occasional exceptions, of course, because wine).


What's even more amazing, I have not had headaches or any stomach issues during this past month. Today, I reintroduced oats into my diet and BAM! A migraine/asthma attack ensured. So what does that tell me? I've had the same wheezing/headache feeling in the morning for the past two years, and yes, I've been eating overnight oats for the past two years... had I not done this elimination program and had Kim's guidance on how to reintroduce things into my diet to pinpoint the culprits, who knows what would have happened? I would be using my inhaler and migraine meds every day... in auto pilot.


The mental clarity and focus that have come with this program cannot be overstated. I started a new insanely challenging job three months ago and I was wondering "can I handle this? I am so tired all the time!". Not anymore. And you might be wondering what happened to the scale... well, I did not touch it for a whole month until this morning. And sure enough, seven pounds are GONE. But the absolute best part of this journey is that as a result, my husband has transformed the way he eats as well! He is on board with me and we cannot wait for the next 40 years of our lives together. Bring it on, second half!

THANK YOU KIM, you're amazing and we're so blessed to have you in our lives!"


-Margarita Doan | Director of Global Healthcare Marketing & IT Distribution

"Change is something that many of us fear because we are either afraid to break free from our old ways or to embrace the unknown of what it could bring. However, if we learn to follow our inner guide ~ then change is something we feel invigorated by. Working with Kim Traverso in releasing blocks and negativity has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential and tuning into my inner guide.  By letting go of the  fear of change, I have grown into a stronger person, letting my intuition light my way. Through Kim’s guidance  I have been able to increase clarity of my wants, needs, and desires. Compassionate about her clients, Kim guided me in every way! I am so grateful for her as she helped me release the one thing we all fear, change".

Maria Carvalho, Tax Associate

Are you ready to step into your full potential and live a life your obsessed with?
If you're shouting "YES, I'm ready!" Then let's get started!

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2: Once the application is submitted, we will set up a Discovery Call

3: After the call, we will determine the next steps


4: Let go of your blocks/limiting beliefs/fears  & create an amazing life 

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